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on the south side of chicago to help people of all religions, and none, help themselves. >> it's not at all unusual for the call to prayer to be overwhelmed by the wail of a siren, not in this southwestern chicago neighborhood. it's known as chicago lawn, a tranquil name for a very unsettled place. this is usama cannon. >> there are people who are here who have sleepless nights because their hearts are torn apart by what's happening to the human family. there are people here. >> what's happening to the human family, and more particularly families living in desperate situations, is an obsession of rami nashashibi, a palestinian by birth. it's why he started the inner-city muslim action network, also known as iman, 15 years ago. >> i always kind of had an active bone in me, an activist bone in me, and so i was moved by the framework of islam as a powerful framework for social justice. i was moved by that. >> iman is all about social justice, about providing basic quality-of-life services that make a community a community. it's a big job even for a guy with a doctorate in sociology from the un
of myself and the others's situation. >> have you changed your view build religion at all over the years. >> of course, i changed my view about almost everything, charlie, over the years. yes, i grew up as you did, in a fairly narrow, conservative cultural religious environment. a community. and i was handed a set of propositions about what-- that were important to believe, to accept, and they were well met and they were well intended. but life has gone on and i've tested those propositions against both experience and learning and reading and listening. those propositions don't make the sense to me that they did when i was a 14-year-old in the baptist training union in central baptist church in marshal texas. i still value my experience in that culture. and i'm grateful that, you know, i have been as you said earlier, life has been good to me. as it has been to you. and joualism for m has been a continuing course in adult education. and has taken me to different places where i can look back and see where i've been. i changed my mind because i realized when i was down at the bottom of the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)